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State sales tax exemptions

State Tax exemption documentation
Connecticut No permit – use 501C(3) as proof
Florida Use Florida certificate
Illinois Tax exemption number: E9984-1673-06 (no certificate needed)
Massachusetts Use Massachusetts certificate and sales tax exempt purchaser certificate
Michigan Use Michigan sales and use tax certificate of exemption and 501C(3) as proof
Minnesota Use Minnesota certificate. Complete the MN certificate of exemption form
Tennessee Use Tennessee certificate
Utah Use exemption number: N31844 – or – sales tax exemption number: 13015373-004-STC
Wisconsin Use Wisconsin certificate
Wyoming Revenue identification number: 257938; and certificate of exemption

Concordia Technology Solutions file

Troxell files

Verizon files

ATT files

AT&T download for ShopWELS.

Helpful Tips for Completing a WELS Form

The PDF document offers helpful tips for the following topics:

  • Preferred browser
  • Browser session
  • Required fields
  • Billing information
  • Username
  • Reset or change password
  • Area of ministry contact information
  • Contact WELS Help Desk