Audio rewind and campus ministry search

(released 10/08/18) – The “WELS App” was updated last week with a couple of new features! For those of you who like to play the audio for Daily Devotion, Bible Readings, Military or Early Childhood devotions on their iPhones and iPads, we’ve now given you an option to rewind or fast forward the audio in 15 second increments. This will allow you to “go back” if you missed something or wanted to hear it again.

The second feature update has to do with the Online Yearbook, which is available through the App, but also at You can now filter your searches to look for churches who offer campus ministries. If you or your son or daughter is looking for what churches serve your campus of choice, just check the Church (with Campus Ministry) box in the filters section. You can also go directly to a campus ministry search page at:

As always, thanks for using the app, and share with a friend. Simply tell them to visit  May God bless your use of His Word!