Audio for iPhone Users

(released 10/02/19) – Recently Apple released the latest version of their iPhone and iPad operating systems —  version 13.0. There were many improvements. However, one step back we noticed is that iPhones and iPads no longer support background audio for Progressive Web Apps, like this one. The WELS App makes audio podcasts available for the Daily Devotion, Through The Bible in Three Years, Military Devotion, and Early Childhood Ministry Educators Devotions. The audio will still play, but if the screen goes to sleep or you switch to a different app while the audio is playing, it will be suspended. We have been given no indication when or if Apple will restore this feature which had been available on previous versions. Of course, you can keep the page open while the audio plays, say to read along, and everything will work fine.

The news isn’t all bad though with this latest update. Siri Shortcuts continues to improve on the iPhone and you can easily instruct Siri to play the Daily Devotion or Through My Bible audio readings with a simple command. Read this blog post to learn more about how to install the Shortcut and different ways you might use it, including a hands-free way to hear God’s word while working out, driving, etc.

WELS App Has New Design

(released 06/18/19) – This summer the WELS App will be getting a number of new features. To kick things off we are rolling out a new home page design. The one you are looking at is cleaner, and should be much faster to load. It also features rotating Forward in Christ and Q&A articles. Stay tuned for text message notification options, a way to configure your own home screen, and health-related news from the WELS Benefit Plans Office. There is also quite a list of great suggestions that some of you have made which we intend to implement as time permits. Keep those ideas coming! Our goal is have the WELS App appear on the home screen of every WELS smartphone user. Thanks for using the app and pass the word to those who might be missing out on the great devotions and news features available every day. Remember simply visit to get started.